20: Movement Matters with Katy Bowman

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Katy Bowman describes herself as a biomechanist by training and a problem-solver at heart. She has spent years advocating that exercise is not movement, or at least not the type of movement we really need in our lives. In her new book, Movement Matters: Essays on Movement Science, Movement Ecology, and the Nature of Movement, Bowman discusses how that our habit of outsourcing movement to people that grow our food and make our clothing, we’re not only losing our connection to nature, but furthering ecological damage by our misunderstanding of what it takes to create the products we simply buy. We discuss this as well as foot health, crawling, tree climbing, and why movement is not medicine. Katy writes at http://www.nutritiousmovement.com.

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Theme song: ‘Ajnabee’ by EarthRise SoundSystem.