14: Failing Intentionally with Andrew McPherson

Andrew McPherson is a singer/songwriter based in Guelph, a tiny city with a big musical reputation located an hour outside of Toronto. Most prominently known as the founder of Eccodek, Andrew has long been influenced by a variety of ambient artists, including Brian Eno, Michael Brook, Satie, and Debussy. His new album is under yet another name, Peppermoth. I caught up with Andrew in his studio via Skype to talk about this beautiful new record, Now You Hear Me. If you haven’t heard him, now is the time to do so. To hear Peppermoth check out http://www.soundcloud.com/andrewmcpherson-1.

All songs in this podcast via Peppermoth and Eccodek.

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13: Re-Sensitizing to Politics with Mike Hull

Mike Hull is the video producer in the election unit at the network Fusion. He is also a longtime filmmaker, cinematographer, and keen political thinker. As he attended both the Republican and Democratic conventions this year, I chat with him about what that experience was like, and what shape he sees American politics taking in the future. Stay in touch: http://www.derekberes.com.

12: The Quest for Freedom

Freedom is individual and shared; it can’t be any other way. Just as consciousness is bound to the biochemical processes of our brain interacting with the physical reality of our body, freedom in society must in some ways respect the boundaries of that society—a vast, empty space with no clear lines is impossible to define as culture. We have to work together on these definitions—work within the constructs, not as if none exist. Stay in touch: http://www.derekberes.com.

11: On Death & Gratitude

Sometimes death, even of a pet, can remind you of what is immediate and dear. I explore this notion after losing a cat, Anula, of eleven years. Stay in touch: http://www.derekberes.com.

10: Poetry & Puerto Rico with Vincent Toro

Poet Vincent Toro’s new book, Stereo.Island.Mosaic., is the winner of the 2015 Sawtooth Poetry Prize. The collection ranges from the personal to the political, featuring Toro’s longtime activism in raising awareness about socio-political issues in his ancestral homeland, Puerto Rico. I’ve known the man for twenty-two years. We’re former roommates and collaborators, as well as longtime friends. I caught up with Vincent while he was in town speaking at the AWP Conference in downtown Los Angeles. Check out our conversation about poetry and Puerto Rico, and make sure to pick up his incredible book: http://www.amazon.com/Stereo-Island-Mosaic-Vincent-Toro/dp/1934103659/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1459812904&sr=8-1&keywords=vincent+toro. Stay in touch: http://www.derekberes.com.

09: Paleo Veganism?

Dr. Mark Hyman received some flack for coining the term ‘pegan’ a combination of paleo and vegan. After nearly twenty years of vegetarianism, including two as a vegan, in this podcast I discuss my recent dietary changes to a paleo-based diet and all the implications this has had in my life—including strength/flexibility, inflammation, energy levels, ethics, and more. Joseph Campbell snippet from his lecture, ‘The World Soul.’ Read more specifically about how this diet has affected my anxiety disorder here: http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-23857/3-ways-changing-my-diet-calmed-my-anxiety.html. Stay in touch: http://www.derekberes.com.


08: Storytelling in Yoga and the Search for Contentment

We’re constantly telling stories with our bodies. How we move defines a sizable portion of our identity. In this podcast I briefly discuss why storytelling is such a crucial component of modern yoga , as well as why contentment is one of the most cherished and important qualities of this discipline. Being constantly distracted is not going to develop those higher-order emotions that are the hallmarks of this practice. Stay in touch: http://www.derekberes.com.

07: Pornography and the Imagination with Christopher Ryan

Chris Ryan spent two decades of his life traveling the world, teaching English to prostitutes in Bangkok along with numerous other interesting jobs. He eventually earned a PhD in Psychology with a focus on prehistoric human sexual behavior. That line of work led to his breakthrough book, Sex At Dawn, which he co-wrote with his medical doctor wife, Cecilda Jethá. Currently in Los Angeles, I chatted with Chris for a new book on the human imagination that I’m writing. With a revolution occurring in virtual reality pornography, we discussed how porn shapes relationships, what strapping into a machine does for intimacy, and why Corn Flakes will help stop you from masturbating. Seriously. Stay in touch: http://www.derekberes.com.

06: How To Deal With Anxiety

This is an outtake from my new online course, Yoga for Anxiety. Having dealt with general anxiety disorder and panic attacks for 24 years, here I talk briefly about what anxiety is and discuss some techniques for dealing with it. Stay in touch: http://www.derekberes.com.

05: DMT: The Spirit Molecule with Mitch Schultz

Mitch Schultz is the producer and director of DMT: The Spirit Molecule and co-founder of Mythaphi. In this episode of EarthRise we discuss the emergence of psychedelics in American culture, the origins of the DMT documentary, and new paradigms to explore global consciousness with. We also laugh a lot. Stay in touch: http://www.derekberes.com.