09: Paleo Veganism?

Dr. Mark Hyman received some flack for coining the term ‘pegan’ a combination of paleo and vegan. After nearly twenty years of vegetarianism, including two as a vegan, in this podcast I discuss my recent dietary changes to a paleo-based diet and all the implications this has had in my life—including strength/flexibility, inflammation, energy levels, ethics, and more. Joseph Campbell snippet from his lecture, ‘The World Soul.’ Read more specifically about how this diet has affected my anxiety disorder here: http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-23857/3-ways-changing-my-diet-calmed-my-anxiety.html. Stay in touch: http://www.derekberes.com.


08: Storytelling in Yoga and the Search for Contentment

We’re constantly telling stories with our bodies. How we move defines a sizable portion of our identity. In this podcast I briefly discuss why storytelling is such a crucial component of modern yoga , as well as why contentment is one of the most cherished and important qualities of this discipline. Being constantly distracted is not going to develop those higher-order emotions that are the hallmarks of this practice. Stay in touch: http://www.derekberes.com.

07: Pornography and the Imagination with Christopher Ryan

Chris Ryan spent two decades of his life traveling the world, teaching English to prostitutes in Bangkok along with numerous other interesting jobs. He eventually earned a PhD in Psychology with a focus on prehistoric human sexual behavior. That line of work led to his breakthrough book, Sex At Dawn, which he co-wrote with his medical doctor wife, Cecilda Jethá. Currently in Los Angeles, I chatted with Chris for a new book on the human imagination that I’m writing. With a revolution occurring in virtual reality pornography, we discussed how porn shapes relationships, what strapping into a machine does for intimacy, and why Corn Flakes will help stop you from masturbating. Seriously. Stay in touch: http://www.derekberes.com.

06: How To Deal With Anxiety

This is an outtake from my new online course, Yoga for Anxiety. Having dealt with general anxiety disorder and panic attacks for 24 years, here I talk briefly about what anxiety is and discuss some techniques for dealing with it. Stay in touch: http://www.derekberes.com.

05: DMT: The Spirit Molecule with Mitch Schultz

Mitch Schultz is the producer and director of DMT: The Spirit Molecule and co-founder of Mythaphi. In this episode of EarthRise we discuss the emergence of psychedelics in American culture, the origins of the DMT documentary, and new paradigms to explore global consciousness with. We also laugh a lot. Stay in touch: http://www.derekberes.com.

04: Buddhism and the Brain with Evan Thompson

Evan Thompson is professor of philosophy at the University of British Columbia. He writes about cognitive science, phenomenology, the philosophy of mind, and cross-cultural philosophy, especially Buddhist philosophy in dialogue with Western philosophy of mind and cognitive science. On this episode we discuss the concepts behind Evan’s latest book, Waking, Dreaming Being: Self and Consciousness in Neuroscience, Meditation and Philosophy, including the role of the self, consciousness from a Buddhist and scientific perspective, lucid dreaming, and reincarnation. Stay in touch: http://www.derekberes.com.

03: Modern Music with Adam Dorn (Mocean Worker)

My guest is bass player and producer extraordinaire Adam Dorn, aka Mocean Worker, who joins me live in Palms, Los Angeles to discuss streaming music, the art of production, making a living in music, and, somehow, Nicki Minaj. Show music by Adam. Stay in touch: http://www.derekberes.com.

02: Race in America with Dax-Devlon Ross

Dax-Devlon Ross is the Executive Director of the NY/Newark chapters of After School All-Stars. He is also a prolific writer, covering issues concerning race and the prison system for the NY Times, Time, Next City and more.  Dax is also an old and very close friend. We started a publishing company together in 2005 and have hiked more times than I can ever remember. We have also been pulled over by the cops more times than I can remember, which prompted this episode, in which we discuss the recent Charleston shootings, growing up black in DC, race perception, and whether gay/transgender rights are really the ‘new Civil Rights.’ Stay in touch: http://www.derekberes.com.

01: Music, Movement, Mythology

In this first podcast I explore the three most meaningful aspects of my life: music, movement, mythology. I take a look at the intersection of the three and how that results in the international-flavored yoga mixtapes I release on my Soundcloud. Stay in touch: http://www.derekberes.com.