34: I Love Yoga and Hate Everything About It with J Brown

The title of this podcast is taken from Brooklyn-based yoga teacher J Brown’s blog, which he runs at jbrownyoga.com. J is the owner of Abhyasa Yoga Center in Brooklyn and is a prolific blogger and podcaster. I find myself reading all of his articles, and so reached out to take our online chats into the “real” world. Stay in touch at derekberes.com.

33: How Emotions Are Made with Dr Lisa Feldman Barrett

Lisa Feldman Barrett is a University Distinguished Professor of Psychology at Northeastern University and the author of the new book, How Emotions Are Made: The Secret Life of the Brain. There are few books I’d say truly push the boundaries of neuroscience and psychology, but this is one of them. We chat about categories, perception, essentialism, concepts, and predictions to set the stage before diving into how emotions affect race, health, and the law. We also briefly discuss yoga. Find out about her work at https://lisafeldmanbarrett.com and stay in touch at http://www.derekberes.com.

32: Yoga & Capitalism

A recent comment on a post about yoga and capitalism spurs on some thoughts about the two—their inseparability, as well as forgoing the notion that a “pure” yoga exists. Stay in touch at http://www.derekberes.com.

31: Tune Up Your Yoga with Jill Miller

Jill Miller is the co-founder of Tune Up Fitness Worldwide and creator of the corrective exercise format Yoga Tune Up® and The Roll Model Method®. With more than 28 years of study in fitness, yoga therapy and anatomy, she is a pioneer in forging relevant links between the worlds of fitness, yoga, massage, and pain-management. Her innovative techniques have catapulted her to a sought after leader in the field of mind-body fitness and pain relief wellness.

30: Yoga’s Healing Power with Ally Hamilton

Ally Hamilton is the co-founder of Yogis Anonymous in Santa Monica and author of Yoga’s Healing Power: Looking Inward for Change, Growth & Peace. We talk about yoga’s shifting tides over the last few decades and how to use the discipline for achieving contentment and growth.

29: Diversity is a Discipline

Diversity is essential in both the world and in our movement patterns. In this episode Derek investigates the many layers of diversity, entertaining the idea that moving as broadly as possible—cultivating a discipline that allows for constant new challenges—opens your mind to a more diverse way of existing in the world.

28: Cultivating Humility and the Discipline of Focus

Derek discusses the role of humility in yoga by investigating an attitude of entitlement that pervades certain segments of American society. By noticing the details of your surroundings larger problems could be solved, but first we have to develop an ability to notice those details. Derek reads two passages from Cal Newport’s book, Deep Work, to discuss how the discipline of focus helps you to notice such details.

27: The Future of Mind Control with Guy Garcia

Guy Garcia is the author of The New Mainstream and The Decline of Men, and co-author of the bestselling Self Made alongside Nely Galán. His new book, Swarm, is out now. In this episode we discuss the future of mind control, AI and VR, mindfulness, and DJ gigs inside glaciers in Iceland. For more on Guy visit ownyourmind.org.

26: Evolving Your Yoga

Derek discusses best practices learned from working for fourteen years as a yoga and movement instructor regarding how to sharpen your role as an instructor and practitioner of this art.

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25: Why Homeopathy & Breitbart Are the Same Thing with W Axel Foley

Filmmaker W Axel Foley is one of the hosts of The Small Council: A Game of Thrones Pod and Westworld Theory Cast. He’s also an old friend from Rutgers that I love talking to. In this episode we discuss homeopathy and Breitbart—together and separately—as well as prosperity theology, mysticism, and whether or not Jesus was an alien. Follow him on Twitter @WAxelFoley.

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