29: Diversity is a Discipline

Diversity is essential in both the world and in our movement patterns. In this episode Derek investigates the many layers of diversity, entertaining the idea that moving as broadly as possible—cultivating a discipline that allows for constant new challenges—opens your mind to a more diverse way of existing in the world.

28: Cultivating Humility and the Discipline of Focus

Derek discusses the role of humility in yoga by investigating an attitude of entitlement that pervades certain segments of American society. By noticing the details of your surroundings larger problems could be solved, but first we have to develop an ability to notice those details. Derek reads two passages from Cal Newport’s book, Deep Work, to discuss how the discipline of focus helps you to notice such details.

27: The Future of Mind Control with Guy Garcia

Guy Garcia is the author of The New Mainstream and The Decline of Men, and co-author of the bestselling Self Made alongside Nely Galán. His new book, Swarm, is out now. In this episode we discuss the future of mind control, AI and VR, mindfulness, and DJ gigs inside glaciers in Iceland. For more on Guy visit ownyourmind.org.

26: Evolving Your Yoga

Derek discusses best practices learned from working for fourteen years as a yoga and movement instructor regarding how to sharpen your role as an instructor and practitioner of this art.

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25: Why Homeopathy & Breitbart Are the Same Thing with W Axel Foley

Filmmaker W Axel Foley is one of the hosts of The Small Council: A Game of Thrones Pod and Westworld Theory Cast. He’s also an old friend from Rutgers that I love talking to. In this episode we discuss homeopathy and Breitbart—together and separately—as well as prosperity theology, mysticism, and whether or not Jesus was an alien. Follow him on Twitter @WAxelFoley.

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24: Art in the Age of Trump with Bill Bragin

Bill Bragin is, in his own words, an agitador cultural. He is the Executive Artistic Director at The Arts Center at NYU Abu Dhabi. Before that he worked for Lincoln Center, Joe’s Pub, and Central Park Summerstage presenting thousands of shows to global-minded audiences. We talk about how the Arts can contribute to civic conversations and tackle subjects such as global warming, how social media is beneficial and damaging as a political platform, the differences between presenting in the US and the Middle East, the role of empathy in understanding foreign cultures, and how being a presenter is like DJing.

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23: Yoga and Memory

One of the main benefits of yoga is understanding identity, but what is identity other than a collection of memories? In this episode Derek explores how memory works and why yoga is a powerful tool to keep our memory system healthy.

22: Yoga, Trend-Drive Fitness, and Sustainable Health with Trina Altman

Trina Altman is the founder of Pilates Deconstructed and leads teacher trainings in Yoga Tune Up, the Roll Method, and Rx Series. In this episode we discuss foot health and the danger of high heels, the necessity of posterior kinetic chain development, safety in pilates and yoga (including the fallacy of ‘hip opening’), trend-driven fitness, and why loaded and varied movement is key in sustainable heath. For more information on Trina visit www.trinaaltman.com.

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21: Judaism and Photography with jdx

jdx has been documenting the transformation of Manhattan’s east village through his unique photography for years. As someone that spends a lot of time thinking about politics and social issues, we open by discussing the appointment of Steve Bannon and Judaism in America, then segue into his upcoming photography book, what it’s like living in a fast-changing New York City, America as a culture of pro wrestling fans, and much, much more. Find his work online at http://www.jdx.me.

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20: Movement Matters with Katy Bowman

Katy Bowman describes herself as a biomechanist by training and a problem-solver at heart. She has spent years advocating that exercise is not movement, or at least not the type of movement we really need in our lives. In her new book, Movement Matters: Essays on Movement Science, Movement Ecology, and the Nature of Movement, Bowman discusses how that our habit of outsourcing movement to people that grow our food and make our clothing, we’re not only losing our connection to nature, but furthering ecological damage by our misunderstanding of what it takes to create the products we simply buy. We discuss this as well as foot health, crawling, tree climbing, and why movement is not medicine. Katy writes at http://www.nutritiousmovement.com.

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